About Cocolico Designed & Made in France

Created by Muriel Thuillier, Cocolico is located in the small city of Montauban, in southern France. The workshop is a quiet place with a studious atmosphere. Here bespoke garments for little ones are designed and made with love. Stores all over the world use our website to create their custom-tailored collections season after season.

The dressmakers find pleasure in their work!

Each dressmaker creates the entire garment: from cutting out the pattern, to sewing the item, and adding the finishing touches. Muriel wants the dressmakers to find pleasure in their work and not be forced to make a series of impersonal and repetitive movements each day. She believes this freedom allows them to take pride in their work, to pay close attention to detail, and to sew each item carefully. As a personal gesture of friendship a photograph of the dressmaker is included with each garment.


When Muriel Thuillier created Cocolico, she hadn’t set out to create a company or a brand.

She was just looking for a way to make her own kids happy without making anyone else unhappy or harming the world where they would grow up. It was not only the way they were being produced, but also the style ...something just didn’t seem right with most of the clothes that were out there. So Muriel decided to make her own. With an idea in her head and an eye on her children, she sat down behind her sewing-machine to create just that piece that would feel right.

Since then, the workshop has grown as have her children, but the heart of Cocolico is still the same: creating bespoke garments for little ones designed and made with love in France. Today, stores from all over the world come to Cocolico to create their custom-tailored collection, guided by the vision of French artists, that Muriel brings together season after season in the south of France. Each of our pieces is like the beginning of a new friendship. It comes with a polaroid and the love of the dressmaker who made it. Welcome to the world of Cocolico.